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BIPA FBA Universitas Mahasaraswati Denpasar 
BIPA FBA Universitas Mahasaraswati Denpasar 
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Jalan Kamboja No. 11 A Denpasar, BALI
Telp: (0361) 228043
Pos-el: fba@unmas.ac.id

BIPA and Darmasiswa Program of FBA UNMAS DENPASAR (Faculty of Foreign Languages Mahasaraswati Denpasar University)

The BIPA and Darmasiswa Program in FBA Unmas Denpasar is a  dynamic immersive Indonesian language and cultural learning opportunity for foreign students. It is situated on the vibrant island of Bali, Indonesia. The first BIPA program began in 2018 with thirteen foreign students from Europe and the USA.

The popularity of the 2018 program resulted in another successful student enrolment in 2019.  Students came from various countries from three continents:  Europe, Asia and Australia.

The Program begins the moment the students arrive in the capital city of Jakarta on the island of Java. Arriving from all over the world, at the opening ceremony, each participant is personally welcomed by the BIPA team.   For the first three days, they are introduced to the program and Indonesian culture in Jakarta. The students then travel to their respective host universities in various regions of Indonesia. The BIPA students then fly together to Ngurah Rai International airport on the beautiful island of Bali. There the coordinator and BIPA team welcomes the students at the airport, make necessary arrangements and assist the students in finding accommodation as needed during the time they are studying on the course.

After the students settle for several days, they were invited to join the campus orientation, intercultural exchange day and begin to experience religious tours to famous temples around Bali.

The Indonesian classroom fun extends into the market places, shops and cultural hot-spots with games and interactive activities in the great Balinese outdoors. These activities are related to the various topics taught in the Indonesian program training syllabus.

Contact Person:
Ni Made Verayanti Utami, S.S., M.Hum.
(Coordinator of Darmasiswa and BIPA Program)
E: verayanti.utami@unmas.ac.id
P: 08113891112 (WhatsApp)

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