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BIPA Universitas Negeri Malang 
BIPA Universitas Negeri Malang 
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BIPA Universitas Negeri Malang
Sumbersari, Kec. Lowokwaru, Kota Malang, Jawa Timur 65145
Telp: 0857-5514-8200
Pos-el: cis_bipa@yahoo.com
Laman: oia.um.ac.id/bipa.php

Background Center for Indonesian Studies (CIS) BIPA at Faculty of Letters State University of Malang (Universitas Negeri Malang), in its approach to teaching Indonesian to foreigners, aims to cultivate a balance of speaking and writing competence both in formal and colloquial Indonesian. The formal variant is essential for reading or interchange with officials and educated people generally. The colloquial Indonesian offered in lessons is understood by most speakers of the languange even when their variants differ. Emphasis during the first few weeks of the instruction is on oral learning. Insofar as possible Indonesian is the exclusive language in the classroom. This communicative and integrated approach begins with everydau exchanges of real life-situations students encounter in streets, stores, offices, and on buses or trains, and not less important at the indonesian homes they live in. Students are individually guided by peer-tutor to activate classroom learning in living situations. Grammar, reading, and vocabulary drill are brought in early, only after students have the capacity to actively engage in Indonesia. Types of Programs CIS-BIPA Faculty of Letters, State University od Malang, offers five courses: regular courses of the collaborative program, regular courses of non-collaborative program, non-regular courses, elective courses of pracrtical arts, and courses for teachers of Indonesian as a foreign language. Regular courses of the collaborative program are courses run by CIS-BIPA in collaboration with both home and overseas institutions, such as COTI (The Consortium of Teaching Indonesian) and CSC (Council Study Center) of the JSA. Regular courses of the non-collaborative program are the courses on Indonesian culture and language which are initiated and regularly offered by the CIS-BIPA. The courses are intended for individuals who wish to acquaire a basic command of Indonesian, to improve and extend their command of the language, to learn Indonesia or to persue studies related to the Indonesian language and culture. In addition, they are run to meet individual or specific needs of those who wish to continue their study in Indonesia or to do research or business, and of those who have other purposes. Non-regular courses are the courses on Indonesian culture and language learning which are run any time on demand, regardlesss of the number of the participants and the period of study, and the learning techniques. This courses is designed to cater the needs of the students specializing in particular field. Courses on practical arts are the courses which focus on practicing and training in mastering a certain form of arts. Courses for teachers of Indonesian as a foreign language is designed for those who are interested in becoming an Indonesian teacher for those who are interested in becoming an Indonesian teacher for non-native speakers. This courses is to provide knowledge, experience and skills for a teacher who is willing to persue their career in teaching Indonesian as a foreign language. Regular Courses Regular courses (collaborative and non-collaborative programs) are run three times a year, conducted as either credit or non-credit courses. A minimum of three participants for one batch are required to run a regular courses. Courses are given for 5 days a week, and 4-6 hours a day (in the total of 250 contact hours). 1. Term 1 mid February late May 2. Term 2 early June late August 3. Term 3 early September mid December Fee: US$2000/term/participant Non-regular Courses Non-regular courses are run any time on demand, regardless of the number of the participants. Courses are given for 4 days a week, 4-6 hours a day. A minimum of two students for one. Fees for each participant: 1. One-week program US$ 300 2. Two-week program US$ 600 3. Three-week program US$ 900 4. One-month program US$ 1.100 Sumber: http://oia.um.ac.id/bipa.php?lang=ina

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